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How to use Shito Pepper Sauce


Grilled Meats, Seafood, Stews

Dipping Sauces

Veggies, Hot Chips, Sandwiches


Burgers, Rice, Noodles

How to use Suya Spice Rub

Dry Rub

Into Meats & Seafood


On Veggies, Rice, Noodles, Salads, Snacks


Shito Whole Baked Snapper

Bring the flavours of the coast to your kitchen with this Whole Baked Snapper recipe, generously basted in a mouthwatering Shito Pepper Sauce.

Barramundi Fillets and Shito Puttanesca

Get ready to spice up your seafood game with this flavourful combination of Barramundi fillets and Shito Puttanesca, all infused with the bold and irresistible taste of Shito Pepper Sauce. This dish is a must-try for anyone who loves a little heat and a lot of flavour in their seafood!


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Hot Shito Pepper Sauce

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Mild Shito Pepper Sauce (Vegan)

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